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April 11
Everett, WA
The Historic Everett Theater
2911 Colby Ave
8 pm - All Ages - $15

Last year a friend of mine happened to show me something he found years before in a dumpster in San Francisco. It was a scrapbook documenting the life of a woman named Margaret Rucker who was born in 1907 in my hometown of Everett, Washington.

The story reflected in those pages is full of magic, melancholy, poetry and music that is woven into the history of Everett. So I've invited a bunch of my favorite songwriters to help me build an evening inspired by her writings and life.

The evening will feature music by myself, Jherek Bischoff, Led to Sea, Shenandoah Davis, Eliza Rickman, Lonesome Leash, Zac Pennington,
Mts. & Tunnels
, and a slide show presented by "Chicken" John Rinaldi.

Tickets available here.
Or, you can read a bit more about the story behind this show here.


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Thank you.