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2014 - 15 song CD & 88 page hardcover book
A combination of music and story rescued from the bottom of a garbage bin. Featuring new music by Jason Webley, Eliza Rickman, Jherek Bischoff, Led to Sea, Shenandoah Davis, Lonesome Leash, Zac Pennington, and Mts. & Tunnels, and writing by Jason Webley and Chicken John Rinaldi.

CD/Book - $25.00
In this light In This Light - Live at Bear Creek
2011 - 13 song CD
A collection of songs recorded in front of a small audience at Bear Creek Studios just outside of Seattle. I'm joined by many of my favorite musicians for this collection of new songs, covers and reworked versions of some of the best songs from my back catalog.
OUT OF PRINT - but available for download on Bandcamp.
evelyn evelyn

Evelyn Evelyn
2010 - 12 song CD/Double 10" LP+CD set
The long awaited album by Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) and myself featuring twelve tracks of story and song by and about the Evelyn Evelyn twins. Features Elephant Elephant, You Only Want Me 'Cause You Want My Sister, and much more!
CD - $11.00
The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living
2007 - 11-song CD / 12" LP
Recorded with my long-time bandmates Jherek Bischoff, Alex Guy and Michael McQuilken, I think this is the darkest, strongest record I've made. Ways to Love, Almost Time To Go and many more.

CD - $11.00
Only Just Beginning
2004 - 10 song CD/LP
This one is still my favorite. Recorded in a haunted island hotel with my favorite musician friends, it has many of my best songs and I think this record has the most heart. Features: Icarus, Map and With.
CD - $11.00

2002 - 12 song CD
This is my most eclectic album. Twelve songs in the twelve keys, meditating on parallels and contradictions. The Seattle Times called it "one of the best Seattle CDs of the year." This is the one with the Drinking Song. Also, Train Tracks and Graveyard.
OUT OF PRINT, but you can purchase a digital copy from Bandcamp.
Against the Night
1999 - 17 song CD
Over the years, this has probably been the most popular release. Dark and stompy, with vegetables. Dance While the Sky Crashes Down, Last Song, and the title track.

CD - $11.00

1998 - 10 song CD
The first album, recorded quickly in the kitchen. This isn't my best album, but it is the rawest and maybe the most honest. Without, Old Man Time Aint No Friend of Mine and Music that Tears Itself Apart.
CD - $11.00

Collaborative EPs:
The plan was to make eleven of these projects, limited to 1,111 numbered copies. Each comes with a colored vinyl 7-inch in a sturdy cardboard sleeve, a full-length CD with an album's worth of out-takes as well as the songs from the vinyl, a lyric booklet with essays by both parties, and something extra. Maybe someday I'll make the other five.

Hockey Star - Big Little Dipper Dipper
2010 - 2 song 7" plus 13 - track Bonus CD
Club songs, ballads and party music from early the 90's of the future. WARNING: Contains extremely silly material. I am very proud and totally embarrassed about what we have achieved here. Includes: Hockey Star, Song of the Warrior, El Salvador Dal(a)i Lama and ten other atrocities.

SOLD OUT! Watch the VIDEO. 
Days With You

Days With You - with Sxip Shirey
2009 - 2 song 7" plus 13 - track Bonus CD
Songs written with circus composer, multi-instrumentalist and mad musical genius Sxip Shirey. Somber reflections on the transitory nature of life peppered with diabolical sonic eruptions. Features:
Days With You, Leave Me, Cardboard Suitcase and an acoustic version of Almost Time To Go.

SOLD OUT! Watch the VIDEO.

Elephant? Elephant!

Elephant Elephant - Evelyn Evelyn
2007 - 3 song 7" plus 6-track Bonus CD
Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and I produced this record by the most unusual act we've ever seen - conjoined twin sisters, both named Evelyn. The Andrews Sisters meets Joy Division. Elephant Elephant, Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn, and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

But all the best stuff is on the album.

Two Bottles of Wine - with Rev. Peyton
2007 - 2 song 7" plus 10-track Bonus CD
I wrote these songs in Indianapolis with the Reverend Peyton, one of the best damn guitar payers in the world. Two Bottles of Wine, Artichoke, 43rd Place Shoot Out, Rock Me Mama and more.

SOLD OUT, watch the video.

How Big Is Tacoma - with Andru Bemis
2006 - 2 song 7" plus 15-track Bonus CD
A collection of songs co-written with fellow traveling minstrel friend, Andru Bemis. Simon and Garfunkle meets the Muppet Show. How Big is Tacoma, Cereal at Night, Bigger Than Yours, The Mountain and the Moon.

SOLD OUT! Take a look at the video.

Eleven Saints - with Jay Thompson
2006 - 3 song 7" plus 14-track Bonus CD
Seattle poet, Jay Thompson and I wrote these songs in just 24 hours. Silly, fun and a bit embarrassing. Eleven Saints, East Dakota, Big Old Spool, Story of Boy.

SOLD OUT (sorry!)
But you can still watch the video.

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