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Margaret Album
SOLD OUT, Sorry!

2014 - 15 song CD
and 88 page hardcover book
An old scrapbook found in a San Francisco dumpster, an enigmatic pyramid that presides over a small town in Washington State, and a story too implausible to have been fabricated.

Jason Webleypresents "Margaret", a full length album and hardcover book based on the life and writings of Margaret Rucker, a poet whose tragic serendipitous story was rescued from the bottom of a garbage bin.

Featuring new music by Jason Webley, Eliza Rickman, Jherek Bischoff, Led to Sea, Shenandoah Davis, Lonesome Leash, Zac Pennington, and Mts. & Tunnels, and writings by Jason Webley and Chicken John Rinaldi.

There's no such thing as garbage.

1. My Love Left me in April - Jason Webley
2. Lark of My Heart - Eliza Rickman
3. Spring and Fall - Shenandoah Davis
4. Old Haunts - Led to Sea
5. Dear Margaret - Mts. & Tunnels
6. Night - Jherek Bischoff
7. Sonnet - Shenandoah Davis
8. Patches - Led to Sea
9. Maker of my Sorrow - Eliza Rickman
9. First Day - Lonesome Leash
10. Firefly - Lonesome Leash
11. Possession Sound - Zac Pennington
12. Pyramid - Jason Webley
13. My Love Left Me In April
14. Eyes of Margaret

(C)2014 by the individual artists.
Produced by Jason Webley.


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