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Eleven Saints
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(Eventually I will be making digital versions of these collaborations available, and releasing an album of the best songs.)
Eleven Saints
2006 - 3 song 7"
Plus 14 song Bonus CD
Limited edition of 1,111.

This is the first in a series of collaborative singles by myself and other songwriter friends. The songs on this project were written with Seattle poet Jay Thompson in one day. In addition to the (hit?) title track, this disc contains 'East Dakota' and the lullaby 'Saint Joan.'

These singles are pressed on blue and yellow colored vinyl and include a bonus CD of out-takes and live versions. The CD also includes the songs from the 7".

Side A:
Eleven Saints listen

Side B:
East Dakota listen
Saint Joan listen

Bonus CD:
1. Eleven Saints
2. East Dakota
3. Saint Joan
4. Marjory
5. Back Rub
6. Ramblin' Blues
7. Playground
8. About Love
9. Big Old Spool
10. Sincerely El Jazz Police
11. Burger Queen
12. Eleven Saints - live
13. Saint Joan - live
14. Story of Boy

All songs (C)2006 by Jason Webley and Jay Thompson.