Jason Webley


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The boy with wings on his heart

There was once a Great City. Built directly underneath the stars. With big racing freeways pouring though it and tall buildings reaching up to the sky.

One day, an announcement was made in the Great City: A boy was to be born. A boy with wings upon his heart.

Quickly, the word spread to the farthest corners of the kingdom. Everyone was very excited about this boy. For months it was all that anyone could talk about.

‘Surely things will be better after that boy with wings on his heart arrives. This is what we have all been waiting for. Life will be so much simpler, so much more beautiful with someone like that around’ said the people.

As the months went by, the excitement grew and grew. People came from hundreds of miles away, traveling for days and days and days to reach the great city in time for the birth. The day grew nearer and nearer, and the streets of the city became more and more crowded with anxious people. Everyone was eager to see this amazing boy with wings growing from his heart.

Finally, the day of the birth was at hand.
And indeed, the boy was born.
And indeed, he did have wings attached to his heart.

But, instead of growing on the outside of the heart, they had become stuck and had grown on the inside. The feathers made it impossible for the blood to flow. The very special heart was useless. And the very special boy was born dead.

All of the bells in the city sounded, and a great note of mourning swept through the streets. Never had the people felt such sadness. After traveling so far, with so much hope.

The sadness grew and grew. It became bigger than the city.

And the little boy’s body was carried, in a very small casket, out into the streets. And without thinking, the people began to follow it. Their feet just started walking.

It was an enormous procession. So many people. So many people, all weeping and crying. Exactly how many people were there? That would be very difficult to tell. How could anyone dream of counting so high?

The procession wove its way though the streets. Deeper and deeper into the Great City. Past the tall buildings, over the racing freeways, weaving its way underneath the stars.

Deeper and deeper until even the people who had spent their entire lives in the Great City could not recognize where they were.

Deeper and deeper until they reached a secret place few had seen before. A place located right beside the skyscrapers. Right on top of the racing freeway. Right underneath the stars. But somehow secret. Somehow quiet.

It was the heart of the Great City.

And in this place a grave had been prepared. The casket was taken to the grave. Then, as all the people, so many people you could never dream of counting them, watched - the very special boy they had all been waiting so long to see was lowered into the earth.

And it was as if their own hearts had been lowered into the ground. They felt as if they were breaking. They would have cried more, but there were no tears left to be cried.

And then something interesting happened. After the boy was deep in the ground and they could no longer see him, the people’s eyes noticed all of the other eyes around them. It occurred to them what an uncommon thing it was that so many people were gathered together, feeling the same sadness.

And as they looked into each other’s eyes, a kind of magic happened. And a sort of warmth began to make its way across their faces, not completely unlike a smile. And for just a few moments, they all felt a simple, beautiful lightness in their hearts.

Something like the flutter of wings.