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Avocado Mushroom Devil Trap
(c)1998 by Jason Webley

Put our children in this ground,
You were in the kitchen while I sat and watched them drown.
Put the killing in this sound,
So I could have it handy, 'case those devils come around again.

Cut the poison into thirds,
Held it to our lips and drank to chat with the absurd,
There's a kind of song I heard,
I think that I could sing it if I knew just how the words begin.

Thought I was a violent flame,
The longer that I stare I think that flame looks pretty tame.
So if this is really just a game,
I'm going to need a hand now, 'cause the pieces aren't the same this time.

Now it's going to take a miracle

I buried time inside your breast.
I had to, it felt like it was kicking in my chest..
I put a lie inside each breath.
I've been sleeping all these years now, but I never really seem to rest.

Now it's going to take a miracle.

Jason: vocals, guitar, accordion, some cello
Vernallis: cello
kitchen sink: itself