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Millenium Bug
(c)1999 by Jason Webley

So we're sitting here again,
We're retracing where we've been.
And you just nod your head,
And I just nod my head.

So it's six o'clock again,
I'm repeating what I've said.
Do you want to screw me?
Let's go rent a movie.

And this room it suits us fine,
The temperature's just right.
The candle's not too bright.
I don't dare to go outside,
'Cause I'm sure that I would wither in the light.

Familiar gestures mark the time,
You tell me everything's just fine.
And you just go to bed.
And I just go to bed.

Here it's nineteen ninety-nine.
And we've got our place in line.
They're accepting applications,
For early resignation.

Yeah, we're sitting here again,
I'm repeating what I've said,
'Bout how you'll just sink like lead.
And I'll just sink like lead.

Here it's nineteen ninety-nine,
I've still got my place in line.
But when it finally gets me,
I hope that I go quickly.

It's too late to change our minds,
There's nowhere else to be,
And we like the company.
I don't dare to go outside,
Lest the beauty bring me weeping to my knees.

Jason: vocals, guitar, accordion, hand bells.