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(c)1998 by Jason Webley

The darkness will be here in an hour,
To leave me completely alone with my fears, insecurities,
And the ghost of a face that walked into a crowd,
And out of this chapter of my life.
You've come a long way, you've got a long way to go.
Ain't nothing steady about the rhythm of the road.

And in fifteen seconds, the years flash by and I'm gone..
Brand new highway, the world on my back,
And nowhere to go but on.
Tilt back my head, listen to the motor moan.
Look back, look ahead, baby we'vebeen alone.

And baby we'll be alone.
But that's alright, I'll hold you tight
Through the long arms of the night.
And maybe in the morning, I'll call you on the phone.

On the edge, I'm gonna jump.
See I've got to, the ticket's bought and I've already checked my bag.
But we've got half an hour, let's sit and have a drink.
Talk a bit, a little kiss, then it's into the abyss.
I've fallen before, I've got a few falls to go.
Once you start falling, you know you never really know.

You can overthrow the world, pass the day upon its thrown,
But you wake up in the morning, thinking maybe you've been alone.
And maybe you'll be alone.
Baby, we'll be alone.

Jason: vocals, guitar, accordion